HiveSkin Interface : Extending HiveAssets

Developers can extend foundational HiveAsset NFTs and build on chain experiences like games, interactions and even new derivatives / hybrids on-top of these HiveAsset NFTs.


Represents a capability object krafted whenever a new skin is added to Hive DAO. This allows users to mint new derivatives of the existing skin type for Hive Assets.

HiveSkin Derivatives

Users can extend the DegenHive ecosystem by krafting HiveSkins for existing NFTs.

  • Developers are empowered to craft new skins. Existing HiveAsset owners can obtain a small percentage of the krafting fee.

  • HiveAsset owners can make skin crafting exclusive to users greater than / equal to the access level defined by them.

  • Owners of the HiveAsset on-top of which a HiveSkin is krafted can transfer some / all of the HIVE tokens stored with the HiveAsset to the HiveSkin NFT to be used within that ecosystem.


Function NameExecuted byDescription



Crafts and returns details of newly crafted skin after validating if it can be made.



Ports HIVE from existing HiveAsset. Ported HIVE cannot be ported back to the asset and are not used any more for calculating the yield harvested by the asset.


Hive Dao Module

Allows execution of a proposal whitelisting a Hive Skin

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