Tiered Subscriptions

Every HiveProfile can offer the following tiered-subscriptions for special access to their HiveAsset NFTs and content to other users on the platform -

  • Worker Bee level - This is the base level access which any other user can get on a HiveProfile's NFTs and content. It is expected that users will charge 0 value for this access, similar to "follow" feature available on other platforms.

  • Drone Bee Level - This is the 2nd level access available to other users on the platform. Users with drone level access will automatically get access to any feature available for worker level users.

  • Queen Bee Level - This is the top level access available to other users on the platform. Users with this level access will automatically get access to any feature available for drone level users and below.

Subscription Mechanism Overview

Subscriptions within DegenHive operate as follows:

  • Initial Setup: Newly minted HiveProfiles begin with a zero-cost subscription, adjustable by the profile's admin.

Control for HiveProfile Admins

  • Pricing Flexibility: Admins can set separate pricing for different access levels (worker, drone, queen level)

  • Free Subscriptions: Grant special access to select HiveProfiles as a promotional tool or reward.

  • Content & Access Management: Determine what exclusive benefits your subscribers receive, including controlling access to:

    • Whitelisted or restricted mints

    • HiveAsset upgrades

    • Restricted marketplace listings

    • New digital asset mints built on top of existing HiveAssets

Benefits for Subscribers

  • Exclusive Offers: Users may receive access to privileged HiveAsset mints, upgrades, and marketplace listings based on their access level, which can include discounts or restricted availability.

  • Digital-Asset Expansion: Subscribers may access restricted mints of new digital assets that contribute to the expansion of the DegenHive platform.

  • Community: Become part of a curated community aligned with your interests or support creators you believe in.

Subscription Modifications:

  • Plan Changes: Users can modify their plans, with changes taking effect immediately which takes into account the amount paid by them for the on-going access level, making sure they don't over pay for upgrading their access level.

  • Plan cancellation: Users can submit request for plan cancellation which is settled at the end of the on-going subscription period. (month)

Plan Pricing Updates:

  • Price Reductions: Subscribers automatically benefit from reduced rates upon renewal.

  • Price Increases: Subscribers must consent to increased rates for renewals to proceed.

Subscription Payment Processing in HIVE

HiveProfiles HIVE balance is used for automatically processing subscription payments for profile’s active subscriptions.

  • Fee Calculation: Subscription costs are determined using the HIVE to USDC exchange rate, sourced from protocol’s TWAP oracle.

  • Locked Balance: HIVE locked based on entropy points spent during an ongoing epoch are not available for subscription payments for that epoch.

Royalty Fee Distribution:

Protocol charges royalty fees on subscription payments which are distributed as following -

  • hiveDisperser for Governance Yield: A major portion of royalty fees is stored with `HiveDisperser` shared object, which proportionally distributes it among profiles based on their active-power.

  • Treasury: HIVE from the treasury are spendable by passing proposals through governance.

  • Burn: A fraction of the royalty fees is permanently burned, reducing total HIVE supply.

Expanding the DegenHive Platform

The subscription-graph can be used as a foundational element by third-party apps to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) interactions and gaming experiences. The following are some ideas on how it can be implemented by apps building on-top of the platform -

  • Enriched Interactivity - By tapping into the pre-existing subscription-graph, applications can orchestrate P2P engagements such as interactive gaming sessions or shared access to digital assets, thereby enhancing user experience and engagement.

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