Digital Assets : HiveAssets NFTs

Hive Assets are extendable digital assets that form the base for engagement via games and experiences for the users.

HiveProfiles come with inbuilt-support for storing and trading HiveAssets, which are core NFTs that represent ownership of AI-generated characters, assets, and other digital content within the DegenHive ecosystem. They store link to metadata hosted on a centralized or public database as defined by the HiveAsset creator, ensuring transparent and verifiable ownership.

HiveProfiles which own an HiveAsset have access to the following platform functionalities:

  • Governance participation - HiveAssets grants their holders the right to participate in protocol governance by staking it for either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, during which it cannot be sold by the owner. Staked HiveAssets accrue yield in liquid staked SUI (dSUI) and HIVE tokens, derived from protocol-generated revenue.

  • Peer-to-Peer trading and transfers - HiveProfiles allow users to trade or transfer HiveAs- sets directly with each other via an in-built Marketplace.

  • Control Over New digital-asset mints - HiveAsset owners can restrict access to new digital asset mints available on top of their HiveAssets for their subscribers, enabling them to monetize their HiveAsset ownership and access.

These assets are fixed in supply (100k), and their kraft and upgrades are facilitated by HiveKiosk objects on the platform. Any HiveProfile can become eligible for receiving the HiveKiosk object by winning the time-stream auction on the platform.

Governance Through HiveAssets

DegenHive’s governance model is anchored around digital assets.To engage in governance activities, a HiveProfile must:

  • Deposit HIVE Tokens into HiveAssets: HIVE tokens are deposited into the HiveAsset, which then cannot be withdrawn. This deposit is a prerequisite for unlocking governance power.

  • Stake HiveAsset: The HiveAsset must be staked for a predetermined duration, during which it cannot be transferred or traded. The unlocked voting power is directly proportional to the amount of HIVE locked and the staking duration.

  • Calculating a HiveProfile’s Voting Power: The total voting power of a HiveProfile is calculated as the sum of all staked HiveAssets, factoring in the HIVE locked and the duration of the lock-up. Profile’s total voting power = ∑(Hive locked×lockup duration)

Yield Generation and Protocol Earnings: Staked HiveAssets earned yield in liquid staked SUI and HIVE tokens which are earned through various sources:

  • Liquid staked SUI (hSUI) : Accumulated from protocol fees by native DeFi primitives (AMMS, LSD) and HiveAsset trading activities.

  • HIVE: Earned through royalty fees on subscription payments, digital asset mints, and metadata upgrades.

Implications of HIVE Deposits into HiveAssets

Depositing the HIVE balance in the HiveAsset without withdrawal options has the following implications for the users on the protocol -

  1. HIVE deposited in the HiveAssets is temporarily removed from the circulating supply.

  2. Users are still semi-liquid as they can still list the HiveAsset for sale or lending purposes via the protocol’s MarketPlace object.

  3. Community is incentivized to build and whitelist apps which create new digital assets on-top of the HiveAssets to which HIVE tokens can be transferred, helping expand the Hive economy.

Note - Digital media represented by Hive-Assets is upgradable given the consensus between the creator of the HiveAsset and the current owner of the HiveAsset. It is expected that the digital-media represented by these assets will evolve as gen-ai models being used for building the degenhive thematic universe become better and the ecosystem matures into different stages over time.

Structure of HiveAssets

Every HiveAsset struct contains the following information



Unique ID of the HiveAsset


Asset version number, will be unique for every asset


Active voting power, used to farm HIVE and dSUI rewards


Address of the creator of the GenAI Asset, who earns a royalty fee on every trade / lend of the GenAI Asset


Name of the HiveAsset


Image URL of the HiveAsset


Name of the collection, this HiveAsset belongs to


Boolean value indicating if the asset is borrowed or not


Boolean value indicating if the asset is staked or not


Duration (in months) the asset is staked for


Timestamp when the asset will be unlocked from staking


LinkedTable<String, String> - Map of traits to prompts for the GenAI Asset


Hive tokens stored with the HiveAsset.


LinkedTable<String, SkinRecord> - Map of skin type to SkinRecord for the skins krafted for this asset

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