HiveChronicle : Manage interactions

HiveChronicle is a built in SocialFi app which comes pre-installed with every shared HiveProfile object krafted on the platform

HiveChronicle is stored as a dynamic-object to the profile it is related to, and enables users to engage in on-chain interactions via buzzes (on-chain posts) and farm BEE tokens based on content created and curated by them on the platform on an epoch basis.

Type of on-chain posts

A HiveChronicle object facilitates various types of on-chain posts:

  1. InfusionBuzzes: Automatically generated posts documenting user contributions during degenHive launch phases (airdrop, lockdrop, and infusion). These posts lack like or comment functionality.

  2. NoiseBuzzes: Posts open to all hiveProfiles with support for likes and comments. Users can share generated content via the front-end, with a limit on the number of noise posts per epoch.

  3. ChronicleBuzzes: Threads created by hiveProfiles managing a HiveAsset collection. Each post within the thread supports likes and comments, providing creators with a platform for long-form content sharing compared to Noise buzzes.

Entropy points system

The entropy points system driven by HIVE balance prevents gaming of the system for farming BEEs by making it too expensive for bad actors.

As a user performs actions such as like, comment etc, his available entropy reduces by 1 and some of his HIVE balance gets locked in his profile for that epoch, making it unusable for paying subscriptions or updating username etc during that epoch.

The amount of engagement, which comprises likes made to posts or comments, and commenting on posts is limited by available entropy of the HiveProfile, which is calculated based on HIVE balance available with the hiveProfile and its active voting power -

Available entropy = hive_multiplier * (hive_balance + hive_locked_with_unstaked_assets) + power_multiplier * voting_power

BEE token incentives

Each active hiveProfile on the platform earns BEE tokens per epoch according to the formula:

BEE tokens earned by a profile = (engagement earned + engagement curated) / (total engagement earned + total engagement curated)

These BEE token incentives for content curation and creation encourage users to generate more content on the platform. The front-end restricts users to sharing only gen-ai artwork created on the website using community-provided models within their on-chain buzzes. This approach aims to foster the development of improved models to drive the evolution of the degenHive thematic universe over time.

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