HiveProfiles and the social-graph

DegenHive’s social-graph is made up of objects called “HiveProfiles”, with each HiveProfile serving as a unique digital-identity for a participant in degenhive governance.

Types of HiveProfile

Objects in Sui are either shared (accessible for reads and writes by any transaction) or owned (accessible for reads and writes by transactions signed by their owner). HiveProfiles can be crafted as either a shared object or an owned object, each differing in functionalities in the following ways -

  • HiveProfile as a shared object - HiveProfiles are minted as shared objects by sui-addresses where the address minting the HiveProfile is made the admin of the HiveProfile. A sui-address cannot be admin of more than 1 HiveProfile object.

  • HiveProfile as owned object - Developers can mint HiveProfiles as an owned object for building identity-driven experiences as part of the social-graph. Some of their key features include -

    • These HiveProfiles need to be stored in other objects and can be programmed to follow a specific set-of-rules as defined in the Move module defining the object which will store the HiveProfile. This enables developers to define unique admin operations, interactions, and functionalities.

    • Owner address is set to “0x0” as the admin-operations are expected to be programmed based upon the specific set-of-rules defined in a Move module.

    • `HiveAppAccessCapability` is not needed for installing or accessing applications stored as DOFs to these HiveProfiles, allowing developers to extend the HiveProfile capabilities as per the needs of their application.

Owned HiveProfiles have been used for enabling StreamFi feature via the Time-streamer profile and for governance profiles on the platform.

HiveProfile: Features and Capabilities

Every HiveProfile supports the following key capabilities -

  1. Ability to represent themselves, via unique username, bio, and a base64 encoded png stored on-chain as an inscription, generated by community hosted gen-ai models via our front-end.

  2. Ability to define and store relationships with other profiles as subscriptions, which are denominated in dollar value and are settled in HIVE.

  3. Ability to store, trade and extend degenhive platform via HiveAssets. HiveAssets are digital assets which are limited in supply and provide HiveProfiles currently storing them with participation-right into degenhive governance.

  4. Ability to limit user-actions across the platform based on the HIVE balance driven entropy-points system

  5. Ability to earn yield in Liquid staked SUI (dSUI) and HIVE based on profile’s current active voting power.

    1. DegenHive supports DeFi primitives like AMMs, Liquid Staking which earn protocol fees in dSUI.

    2. Trading / lending of HiveAssets are also settled in dSUI which carry a royalty fee on trades among users, earning fees for the protocols and the creators of the HiveAssets.

    3. Accumulating earned protocol revenue in a liquid staked token helps make the network secure and give degenhive’s decision-makers more say in the network governance over the long-term.

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