Subscription Payments

Every HiveProfile can store HIVE balance which is used for two primary purposes: determining the maximum allowable entropy activity for the current epoch and facilitating automatic payments for active subscriptions.

The deduction of HIVE tokens for subscription payments is calculated based on the most recent HIVE to USDC exchange rate, sourced from DegenHive's TWAP oracle.

It's important to note that the Hive balance reserved for the ongoing epoch, determined by the profile's consumed entropy, cannot be utilized for settling subscription payments during that epoch.

Royalty fees are imposed and allocated as follows:

  1. Governance Yield: The majority of royalty fees are allocated to the HiveDisperser object, which distributes collected HIVE among profiles involved in protocol governance according to their active voting power.

  2. Treasury: HIVE from the treasury can be utilized upon the passage of a proposal through protocol governance.

  3. Burn: A portion of the royalty fees is permanently burnt, thereby reducing the total supply of HIVE tokens.

Additionally, the same royalty fees apply to HIVE payments made for upgrading HiveAssets or minting new digital assets through HiveSkinKraft capabilities.

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