distributed the hSUI among the degenhive decision-makers, ensuring the network is secure and DegenHive implements AMM logic for various pool-types (curve v2, curve v1, balancer), enables users to liquid-stake their SUI coins via hSUI (pronounced - hiveSUI), and trade or lend Hive-Assets p2p among other users via HiveProfiles. All these yield-generating activities charge users some protocol-fees for providing the service, which is accumulated as hSUI balance, thereby enahacing network-security and is distirbuted among degenhive decision-makers pro-rata to their voting power in the network, which is calculated as the sum of voting power of each of their staked Hive-Asset NFTs.
Voting Power = SUM(voting power of each HiveAsset) Points to note -
  • voting power of a HiveAsset is proportional to the HIVE balance stored with the asset and the duration the asset is staked for (3, 6, 9, 12 months)
  • HIVE balance, once stored with a Hive-Asset cannot be withdrawn and can only be transferred into another object implemented via a HiveSkin interface on top of the HiveAsset.
  • Borrowed hive-assets can be staked for voting power.