LP Modules : How do they work?

Module Types

  • two_pool_amm Module - Two-Token AMMs allow liquidity providers to create pools with just two different tokens. This simplifies the process of providing liquidity and makes it more accessible for users who want to focus on specific trading pairs. Two-Token AMMs are supported in all pool types: Weighted, Stable, and Concentrated Liquidity (Curve v2).

  • three_pool_amm Module - Three-Token AMMs extend the capabilities of our AMM Farms by allowing liquidity providers to create pools with three different tokens. This opens up more trading possibilities and can lead to increased liquidity and trading volume. Like the Two-Token AMMs, Three-Token AMMs are also supported in all pool types.

Module Structures & Objects





Our ledger for all created pools, ensuring no duplication of currency pair exists in the hive.



Represents a pool buzzing with token currency reserves.




A representative of a pool's currency pair within the PoolRegistry.


A witness of a pool's LP token.


Stores details about total SUI harvested by a pool and the last time a fee was distributed to the user who triggered the public harvest functions.


Holds the fee rates of a pool.


A non-droppable Flash loan struct.

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