How it works

DegenHive provides developers and users with the opportunity to actively participate in platform governance, fostering a democratized decision-making process.


Governance through HiveAssets

DegenHive's governance model revolves around digital assets. To participate in governance, a HiveProfile must :

-> Deposit HIVE tokens into the HiveAsset, which become inaccessible for withdrawal. This deposit is necessary to unlock governance power.

-> Additionally, the HiveAsset must be staked for a predetermined duration, during which it cannot be transferred or traded. The unlocked voting power is directly proportional to the amount of HIVE locked and the staking duration.

Voting Power of a HiveProfile

The total voting power of a HiveProfile is calculated as the sum of all staked HiveAssets, factoring in the HIVE locked and the duration of the lock-up.

TotalVotingPowerofaHiveProfile=(HiveLockedLockupDuration)Total\,Voting\,Power\,of\,a\,HiveProfile = \sum(Hive\,Locked\,*\,Lockup\,Duration)

This mechanism ensures that participants in DegenHive's governance have a vested interest in the platform's long-term success, as their voting power is directly tied to their commitment to the ecosystem.

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