HiveAssets : Foundational NFTs

Ownership, Governance, and the Foundation for Content Creation

HiveAssets are core NFTs that represent ownership of AI-generated characters, assets, and other dig- ital content within the DegenHive ecosystem. They store link to metadata hosted on a centralized or public database as defined by the HiveAsset creator, ensuring transparent and verifiable ownership. They provide governance rights to users and facilitate the creation of new digital assets, establishing a thriving creative landscape.

Incentivizing the Creation of Open Datasets - DegenHive is built with the purpose to democratize content creation and help curate open-datasets for the community. To achieve this, it is expected that the UIs which facilitate interaction with DegenHive’s on-chain move modules will allow users to create content using the HiveAssets as a foundation, posting their creations as "Buzzes" on the social graph. Engagement with Buzzes is incentivized via the distribution of BEE tokens, earned on an epoch basis.

Key utility and use-cases

  1. Governance participation: HiveAssets grants their holders the right to participate in protocol governance by staking it for either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, during which it cannot be traded or transferred.

    • Staked HiveAssets accrue yield in liquid staked SUI (dSUI) and HIVE tokens, derived from protocol-generated revenue.

  2. Peer-to-Peer trading and transfer: HiveProfiles allow users to trade or transfer HiveAssets directly with each other via an in-built Marketplace.

  3. Control Over New digital-asset mints: HiveAsset owners can create new digital assets built on top of the original HiveAsset and may choose to restrict the minting access to their subscribers, establishing a potential revenue stream.

HiveAsset Supply and Distribution

  • Controlled Inflation: HiveAssets follow an inflationary supply model spanning 33 years. This supports the platform's long-term evolution by enabling more users to participate in governance and content creation.

  • Time-Streamer Auctions: The primary mechanism for adding new HiveAssets to the ecosystem is through Time-Streamer auctions. Top bidders (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) earn the right to launch and manage their own HiveAsset NFT collections

  • Distribution Schedule: The top 3 bidders every TS auction get the right to launch their HiveAsset NFT collection with the following supply (updatable by Governance) -

    • Years 1-3:

      1. 1st place = 240 HiveAsset NFTs

      2. 2nd place = 150 HiveAsset NFTs

      3. 3rd place = 42 HiveAsset NFTs-

    • Years 3-33:

      • 1st place = 93 HiveAsset NFTs

      • 2nd place = 42 HiveAsset NFTs

      • 3rd place = 15 HiveAsset NFTs

Total 6942 creators will be onboarded via TS auctions over a span of 32 years, with a maximum of ~ 420k HiveAssets being introduced on the social graph.

  • Initial Launch: The development team reserves the right to mint 15,000 HiveAssets upon launch.

Economic Sustainability via Time-Streamer Auctions

Time-Streamer auctions play a pivotal role in fostering a sustainable economy:

  • Lock-and-Burn Model: SUI proceeds from the top 3 bids, along with a 5% tax on all bids, are added to the core AMM pools (SUI-HIVE, SUI-BEE, SUI-dSUI), and the corresponding LP tokens are permanently burned. This locks liquidity, enhancing long-term economic health and stability of the protocol economy

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