Key Concepts

DegenHive operates on a unique set of building blocks that combine social networking, decentralized finance (DeFi), and user-centric identity. Understanding these foundational concepts will unlock a deeper understanding of the DegenHive ecosystem.


Your HiveProfile is your digital identity within DegenHive. It showcases your interests, holdings, on-chain activities, and reputation. Read more about HiveProfiles here.

Social Graph

The DegenHive social graph is a dynamic network of connections between users, projects, and assets. Key elements include:

  • Subscriptions: Stay updated on the activities of specific HiveProfiles, or individual assets.

  • HiveChronicle: Participate in conversations, share your insights, and connect with like-minded individuals.

  • Marketplace: Sell, auction or lend existing generative AI NFTs with other users.


HiveAssets represent the on-chain ownership of the character / asset brought alive with AI models along with link to the asset’s hosted metadata on a public database. Read more about HiveAssets here.

  • HiveSkin Interface: HiveAssets support HiveSkin Interface, which can be used to extend the DegenHive universe IP through games and apps.

DeFi Primitives

DegenHive seamlessly integrates core DeFi features, making it easy to trade, provide liquidity, and earn rewards:

  • AMM Pools: Facilitate trades between different crypto assets.

  • Liquid Staking (hSUI): Stake your SUI tokens while maintaining liquidity and access to DeFi opportunities.

  • TWAP Oracle: Provides reliable on-chain price feeds for DegenHive's ecosystem.

  • PoolHive: Learn more about the specific governance or resource pooling mechanisms within DegenHive.


DegenHive utilizes decentralized governance mechanisms, empowering users to participate in shaping the platform's future.

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