AMM Farms: The Fertile Grounds of DegenHive 🌾🚜


Embrace the pulse of trade at DegenHive's bustling epicenter—our vibrant AMM Farms! These thriving nuclei are the backbone of our expansive ecosystem, catalyzing liquidity with Automated Market Makers (AMMs) leading the charge. Going beyond mere transaction facilitators, these farms symbolize power arenas of governance, where Liquidity Providers (LPs) take control of their respective pools. Come, step into our unique blend of decentralized finance and direct democracy, where dynamic trade 💱 meets unparalleled control 🎮. Welcome to the thriving AMM Farms of DegenHive! 🌐🐝
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LiquidityPool: Shared Objects Fueling Trade & Innovation 🔄🎁

At the core of DegenHive's AMM Farms lie our LiquidityPools,, AMM pools implemented as shared objects. Displaying the versatility to support both dual and triple token pools, our platform flexibly accommodates various pool models 🔄⚖️🎯:
  1. 1.
    Weighted Pool
  2. 2.
    Stableswap Pool
  3. 3.
    Concentrated Liquidity (Curve v2 style)
Each type of AMM brings its unique strengths to the table, specifically designed to cater to the myriad needs of the innovative protocols being nurtured on the dynamic SUI platform. Whether it's maintaining balance, ensuring stable trading, or maximizing liquidity efficiency, our variety of AMM pools ensure there's a perfect fit for every strategy. In DegenHive, we celebrate diversity, tailoring our offerings to embrace all forms of liquidity deployment. 🚀🧩

Liquidity Pool Fee Structure: Shared Prosperity, Distributed Power 🎁💼

The thriving marketplace of DegenHive's AMM Farms is not only a hub for trading, but also a fertile ground for shared rewards. Trading fees generated by the AMMs are equitably distributed amongst the LPs and the protocol itself.
The portion allocated to the protocol is meticulously converted into SUI via dedicated public functions. This harvested SUI is then disseminated among the HiveProfile users, guided by our gamified Hive Gems points mechanism. This makes every interaction on DegenHive a rewarding experience, turning your active participation into tangible benefits! 🏆💎
Furthermore, a part of the collected fees find their way into the Treasury. This valuable reserve can be tapped into by the HiveDAO, funding development initiatives and further nurturing the growth of the ecosystem. It's our commitment to a prosperous, inclusive, and participatory DeFi universe! 🏦🌱

PoolHive: Liquidity Governance by the LPs, for the LPs

Each LiquidityPool in DegenHive is governed by a unique PoolHive, enabling direct and democratic control by the LPs who stake within that pool.
Engaging in PoolHive doesn't only yield control; it rewards participation. LPs earn Hive Gems that boost their reputation score within their HiveProfile, simultaneously accruing voting power to influence their pool's operations.

Sweetening the Deal with BeeFruits: A Taste of Extra Rewards 🍓🍍🍇

At DegenHive, we believe in making the experience of providing liquidity a rewarding adventure. In that spirit, each PoolHive is designed to support up to three additional tokens, endearingly referred to as "BeeFruits", serving as extra incentives for our dedicated LPs. 🍒🍏
But who gets to decide which delectable fruits to add to the pool? The LPs themselves! Yes, you read that right. Every Liquidity Provider in DegenHive is empowered to participate actively in shaping the ecosystem. As an LP, you don't just provide liquidity; you get to concoct the perfect blend of rewards that best suits your taste! 🍹🎊
In DegenHive, we thrive on user empowerment and value everyone's input. Because when it comes to our hive, every bee matters! 🐝🎯

HIVE DAO and Hive Gems Distribution: The Pillars of Fairness and Transparency 🏛️💎

At DegenHive, we don't just aim to disrupt the DeFi landscape; we aspire to build an ecosystem that is fair, equitable, and transparent. The HIVE Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a cornerstone of our community, governs the distribution of Hive Gems incentives across all PoolHives. This ensures a balanced spread of rewards, driven by a predefined inflation schedule and epoch-based distributions. 🔄⏳
In essence, our governance model guarantees that every participant receives their deserving share of the hive's yield. It's an ecosystem where everyone shares in the wealth generated, mirroring the communal and collaborative spirit of a real-life beehive. Fairness isn't just a principle; it's the bedrock of DegenHive! 🍯⚖️