Each Liquidity Pool has a PoolHive object associated with it, to which users can stake the pool's LP tokens.

The PoolHive struct represents a distinct PoolHive object linked with a LiquidityPool, allowing users to stake the LiquidityPool's LP tokens. It encompasses details such as the total and unbonding LP tokens, accumulated HiveGems, a global index for LP token HiveGems, the last claiming epoch etc.


LP incentives distribution

A segment of the HIVE supply is allocated for dispersal as Liquidity Provider (LP) incentives within the DegenHive ecosystem. This allocation is managed via PoolHive objects, each specifically associated with a LiquidityPool that operates using Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocols.

HIVE distribution among LP stakers through PoolHive objects follows a structured processis executed as :

  1. Initial Allocation: A portion of the HIVE supply is allocated to the PoolsGovernor Profile during launch, managed within a PoolsGovernor shared object for governance.

  2. Distribution Schedule: Orchestrated by the PoolsGovernor, a schedule outlines start and end epochs, along with the total HIVE for dissemination across all PoolHive objects.

  3. Incremental Distribution: Over the first 5 years, there's a 25% annual increase in total HIVE distributed per epoch, followed by a 14.285% increase for the next 5 years.

  4. Governance Flexibility: Distribution volume and epochs can be adjusted via governance proposals.

  5. Allocation Among PoolHive Objects: HIVE is proportionately distributed among PoolHive objects based on a hive_points system, ensuring equitable rewards.

HIVEearnedbyPoolHiveperepoch=TotalHIVEdistributedhive_pointshive_pointsHIVE\,earned\,by\,PoolHive\,per\,epoch = Total\,HIVE\,distributed\,*\frac{hive\_points}{\sum{hive\_points}}
  1. LP Stakers' Earnings: LP stakers' HIVE earnings are determined by the hive_points allocated to their respective PoolHive, fostering democratic reward distribution.

HIVEearnedbyLPstaker=HIVEearnedbyPoolHiveLPstakebyuserTotalLPstakedHIVE\,earned\,by\,LP\,staker = HIVE\,earned\,by\,PoolHive\,*\frac{LP\,stake\,by\,user}{Total\,LP\,staked}
  1. Deciding Hive Points : The allocation of hive_points to each PoolHive is determined through protocol governance, ensuring a fair and democratic distribution of rewards among all participants in the ecosystem.

Third Party Incentives

Each PoolHive is capable of supporting up to three third-party rewards simultaneously. These rewards can be added by submitting a proposal through the pool governance mechanism managed by the PoolHive.

Additionally, proposals can be passed to update mathematical or fee-related parameters for the LiquidityPool governed by the PoolHive.

Governance through PoolHive

HiveProfile owners can stake their LP coins with PoolHive shared objects, which oversee pool governance and reward distribution.

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