BEEs : Meme-coin

BEE meme-coin fueling creation and curation of open datasets on the Social-Graph

BEE is DegenHive's native meme-coin implemented as a closed-loop token, designed to fuel engagement across the HiveChronicle app and Time-Streamer Profile. It features a deflationary design, with a 3% burn tax applied to every transfer.

Key utility and use-cases

  1. Engagement Rewards: BEE tokens are earned as rewards for both content creation (posting buzzes) and content curation (like, comment) activities and for engaging with Time-Streamer Profile content. This incentivize overall participation within the platform's social graph.

  1. Deflationary Supply: The 3% burn tax on transfers progressively reduces the circulating BEE supply over time and offsets new BEE being introduced in circulating supply as incentives per epoch.

BEE rewards fueling AI innovation

DegenHive's BEE reward system help unlock a powerful flywheel effect, accelerating the development of cutting-edge AI models. Here's how it works:

  • User Engagement: By rewarding users with BEE tokens for creating and interacting with content, DegenHive incentivizes active participation on the platform. This generates a rich dataset of user behavior and preferences.

  • AI Model Development: This data becomes the fuel for AI model training. As more users engage, the dataset grows, enabling AI models to learn, improve, and produce increasingly high-quality content which includes images and videos created by previous versions of the AI model.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Better AI models translate into a more engaging user experience. Users discover content that resonates with their interests, further fueling engagement and content creation.

This virtuous cycle creates a self-reinforcing loop. BEE rewards drive user participation, leading to a richer data set that empowers AI innovation. Ultimately, this fuels a more immersive and rewarding experience for everyone on the DegenHive platform.

BEE Supply and Distribution

BEE has a fixed maximum supply of 420 billion tokens. At launch, 10% of total SUI collected during infusion phase is paired with 5% of the BEE supply and added to the AMM pool, with LP tokens being burnt forever. Remaining 90% of the supply is used to incentivize engagement across HiveChronicle and Time-Streamer profile. The distribution is as follows:

  • Bootstrapping SUI - BEE Pool (5%): At launch, 5% of the BEE supply, along with 10% of the SUI collected during the infusion phase, provides initial liquidity to the BEE-SUI AMM pool. The corresponding LP tokens are permanently burned.

  • Infusion Participation incentives (5%): 5% of BEE total supply are distributed among users who participate in protocol launch’s 2nd phase based on their pro-rata participation score.

  • Time-Stream Incentives (10%): This allocation incentivizes participation around the Time-Streamer (TS) profile for the first 5 years. Engagement with TS content and participating in auctions is rewarded, as the mechanism contributes to long-term economic health through the Lock-and-Burn model.

  • HiveChronicle Incentives (80%): The largest portion of the BEE supply is dedicated to driving continuous engagement within the HiveChronicle app, distributed across 15 years.'

Important Note: The 3% burn tax on transfers ensures a continually decreasing supply of BEE tokens.

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