Composable HiveProfiles

Developers can mint HiveProfiles as owned objects, wrapping them within other objects defined by specific rules in the Move module. HiveProfiles krafted as owned objects do not require HiveAppAccessCapability capability object for accessing DOFs, enabling seamless integration possibilities for 3rd party developers building on-top of the platform. Upon launch, DegenHive supports various owned HiveProfile objects crucial for protocol functionalities:

  1. Time-Streamer Profile:

    • Wrapped by the HiveVault object, this profile is subscribed by all active digital profiles on the social graph.

    • It facilitates HIVE balance deposit and withdrawal, minting HIVE tokens on a 1:1 basis against deposited HIVE balances.

    • Additionally, it supports auctioning time-slots for advertising, promoting the sustainability of the hive economy.

  2. Hive-Manager Profile:

    • Wrapped by the HiveManager object, this profile manages the custody of HIVE treasury balance.

    • Protocol governance can pass proposals to spend the HIVE in the treasury using this profile.

  3. AMM-Governor Profile:

    • Wrapped by the PoolsGovernor object, this profile distributes HIVE as LP incentives among PoolHive objects.

    • It manages HIVE token custody for LP incentives and handles AMM governance posts via on-chain governor buzzes.

  4. Hive-Governance Profile:

    • Wrapped by the HiveGovernor object, this profile facilitates discussions on protocol proposals through governance buzzes on-chain.

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