Welcome to the hive! You've landed on the DegenHive's LiquidityPool Module, your one-stop hub for swapping tokens in an environment that's as free as a bee and trustworthy as the hive itself! 🐝
Crafted in the robust language of MOVE and centered around our native currency - SUI 🪙, each LiquidityPool in our network is kept in check by its governing body, the PoolHive 🍯. Get ready to experience an ecosystem buzzing with value, and let the honey of decentralized finance flow! 🌐💰💫

📚 Module Overview 📚

  • two_pool_amm Module - Two-Token AMMs allow liquidity providers to create pools with just two different tokens. This simplifies the process of providing liquidity and makes it more accessible for users who want to focus on specific trading pairs. Two-Token AMMs are supported in all pool types: Weighted, Stable, and Concentrated Liquidity (Curve v2).
  • three_pool_amm Module - Three-Token AMMs extend the capabilities of our AMM Farms by allowing liquidity providers to create pools with three different tokens. This opens up more trading possibilities and can lead to increased liquidity and trading volume. Like the Two-Token AMMs, Three-Token AMMs are also supported in all pool types.

💰 FEE Structure 💰

At DegenHive, we believe in a perfect balance of fun, fairness, and financial efficiency. Let's break down how our fee setup works for the Automated Market Maker (AMM) pools. 🏦
1️⃣ Pool Creation Fee 🏊‍♂️ Crafting a new AMM pool on DegenHive comes with a small creation fee charged in SUI. This helps us keep our hive healthy and spam-free. A maximum of 50 SUI can be set by our buzzworthy governance. And just like the buzzing hive, this value is also dynamic, changeable via HIVE governance.
2️⃣ AMM Pools Fee Structure 💹 Our AMM pools aren't just honey pots, they are intelligently designed:
  • Weighted and Stableswap Pools 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️: These charge a fixed fee % on each swap and imbalanced liquidity provision state transitions.
  • Curved Pools 🛤️: Adapting to market buzz, these pools employ a dynamic fee model charged on swaps.
These fees can be updated via a proposal passed through the corresponding PoolHive, as long as it's set within a 0.01% - 3% range. The percentage of the collected fee distributed among hive profile users is controlled by the hive_fee_percent parameter, which can range from 30% to 70%. The remaining fee sweetens the deal for the pool's LPs.
3️⃣ Distribution of SUI Earnings 🍯💰 DegenHive ensures every SUI earned is put to good use:
  • SuiDisperser Object 🎁: A part of the collected SUI tokens is given to the SuiDisperser, spreading sweetness among our HiveProfile users.
  • Treasury Object 🏦: The rest of the collected SUI tokens fill our treasury, our secure vault for SUI tokens!
4️⃣ Harvesting Incentives 🌾 To motivate users to harvest SUI via collected protocol fee using public functions, a fixed 3% of the harvested SUI is shared with the caller of the function, provided no SUI was harvested for that pool within the last hour.
Explore DegenHive's AMM pools today and start making your contributions to the hive more rewarding and fun! 🎉💫

🏛 Module Structures & Objects 🏛


Our ledger for all created pools, ensuring no duplication of currency pair exists in the hive.
Represents a pool buzzing with token currency reserves.


A representative of a pool's currency pair within the PoolRegistry.
A witness of a pool's LP token.
Stores details about total SUI harvested by a pool and the last time a fee was distributed to the user who triggered the public harvest functions.
Holds the fee rates of a pool.
A non-droppable Flash loan struct.
Join our hive, immerse yourself in the sweet flow of SUI, and be a part of the buzz that is transforming the DeFi landscape! 🚀🍯🐝