What is DegenHive? (to be removed)


Welcome to DegenHive 🚀, the frontier of the NFT-DeFi universe. Crafted on the SUI network and Move modules, DegenHive transcends conventional DEX norms, converting protocol fees into SUI tokens and distributing them through a gamified NFT scheme.
In DegenHive, you're an integral stakeholder, not just a participant. Enjoy unmatched governance rights and a significant stake in the protocol's success from the get-go 🕹️💰.
DegenHive fosters fresh gaming experiences via our Skins Interface, enlivening the HiveVerse and creating an exciting arena for developers and gamers alike 🎮.
Recognizing generative AI's transformative influence, we provide an exclusive platform for its integration, catalyzing a novel renaissance in the swiftly expanding domain of digital curation 🤖🌠.
With NFT ownership equating to protocol revenue share, earning potential via skins, and the thrill of venturing into the generative AI space, DegenHive is an immersive universe where you can create, govern, profit, and explore. Embrace the power of decentralized ownership and profit-sharing in DegenHive 🎊🚀.

SUI Harvesting via AMMs 🚜

SUI Harvest component
Unleashing the power of AMMs, DegenHive supports both two- and three-token pool models, embracing:
  • Weighted pools ⚖️
  • Stableswap 🔄
  • Concentrated liquidity (Curve v2) 🎯
As our AMMs diligently farm SUI tokens, they are distributed among DegenHive users. The distribution is based on users' boosted Hive gem balance, which ensures a sustainable and vibrant financial activity within the HiveVerse. Think of it as a bustling bazaar, where the constant flow of transactions and exchanges fosters a healthy, robust economy. 🌽💰

HiveProfile: Your Passport to HiveVerse 🔮

Hive Profile
As a DegenHive user, your HiveProfile is your key to unlocking the limitless possibilities of the HiveVerse. This unique profile, powered by SUI's objectified UTXO programming model, encapsulates your on-chain identity in relation to DegenHive, and is at the core of our dynamic NFT-driven governance model. Let's dive deeper!

1 Hive Cards: Unique Tokens of Identity 🃏

Hive Cards are much more than simple NFTs. They are the embodiment of unique characters within the HiveVerse, each adorned with its own set of Hive Gems. As a user, you can amass gems by depositing them into Hive Cards, earned via our innovative reputation farming system.
These Hive Cards don't just sit idle; they can be locked to earn governance power and give a significant boost to your SUI farming. Users can also trade and lend these cards among each other, engendering a vibrant, interactive ecosystem. 🔄🔐
Moreover, these NFTs represent on-chain Intellectual Property (IP) rights for content created through generative AI models that use the respective character. This enables users to extend the IP of the Hive Cards, ushering in fresh and unique experiences in the HiveVerse. They are your digital avatars, gateways into the expansive, exciting realm of the HiveVerse. 🌐🎭

2 Hive Gems: The Sparkling Incentive 💎

Within the DegenHive ecosystem, Hive Gems function as the guiding force, aligning user incentives and contributions. With an initial cache of 42 million gems dispersed across all Hive Cards, and another 42 million set to be distributed among LP stakers in the first year, these gleaming tokens are bound to pique the interest of new adventurers in the HiveVerse. 💖🎁
Hive Gems encourage active participation, incentivize constructive behaviour, and promote an environment of continual growth. They are the glimmering rewards that make the journey through the HiveVerse even more thrilling and fruitful! 🚀🏆
In DegenHive, your potential is unlimited. Your HiveProfile is the starting point of a unique, rewarding adventure. Join us, and let's shape the HiveVerse together!

Ownership and Governance: Democratizing Power with Degenhive! 💪

In Degenhive, you're not just a user; you're an owner! Our unique governance structure empowers you with unprecedented control over the protocol. Whether it's through PoolHive for direct LiquidityPool governance or HiveDAO for protocol-level governance, we ensure that our users have a real say in shaping the Degenhive universe. 🌐
And what's more? Degenhive takes pride in being the first DeFi protocol to implement an NFT-driven governance model! 🌐🥇

1. PoolHive: Amplifying User Control Over Liquidity Pools 🏦

PoolHive is the linchpin of our user-centric governance model. It's where Liquidity Providers (LPs) gain the power to govern their own LiquidityPools by staking tokens. This model breaks away from the norm of routing governance through the overall protocol governance route, giving you, the LP, direct ownership of your pool. 🎣
With PoolHive, governance is more granular, flexible, and responsive to your needs. You call the shots on how your pool operates and how its resources are used, all while enjoying the benefits of your stake. PoolHive makes being an LP not just profitable, but also empowering and engaging. 🎮

2. HiveDAO: Pioneering NFT-driven Governance 🗳️

While PoolHive offers granular control over LiquidityPools, HiveDAO is truly groundbreaking in its approach to governance. With HiveDAO, Degenhive becomes the first DeFi protocol to implement an NFT-driven governance model.
By staking your Hive Cards, you secure voting power rights within the Degenhive protocol. This model revolutionizes the way governance works in the DeFi landscape, making your NFTs not just digital collectibles, but instruments of power and decision-making.
With HiveDAO, you have the ability to shape crucial aspects of the platform, from redirecting Hive Gems distribution among LiquidityPools to whitelisting skins that extend the HiveVerse. Every action you take helps us evolve and improve, making Degenhive a truly community-driven platform.
In Degenhive, your voice matters. Your investment matters. Our shared success is the testament to a community of users who don't just use the platform, but actively shape it. Welcome to Degenhive – where users hold the power, and NFTs hold the keys to governance! 🔑🚀

Skins Interface: Enriching the HiveVerse Experience 🎨✨

Degenhive thrives on creativity, inclusivity, and diversity. Our platform echoes the spirit of the digital era, blending the boundaries between users and creators. Enter the Skins Interface - a revolutionary tool that empowers you to contribute to the aesthetic evolution of the HiveVerse, creating an on-chain universe like no other.

1. 1. Customization: Building the HiveVerse in Your Image 🛠️

With our Skins Interface, each Skin you forge comes equipped with a customized list of compatible HiveCards, and you determine the maximum number of skins that can be minted via each supported Hive Card. This functionality lets you carve out your unique space within the HiveVerse while maintaining the sense of exclusivity.💡🏞️

2. Ownership and Control: Capitalizing on Your Creativity 🎨🔐

As a HiveCard holder, you hold a unique position. You have the authority to decide whether a Skin supported by your Hive Card is minted publicly or whether you alone control the minting rights. Moreover, you can monetize your HiveCard ownership through the minting process of the Skin, interweaving the aesthetic aspect of the HiveVerse with financial incentives..🕹️💰

3. Generative AI: Ushering a New Era of Digital Creativity 🧠💡 🤖

Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of digital content creation, and DegenHive is at the epicenter of this transformation. The HiveVerse serves as an immersive sandbox for the community to experiment with generative AI, enabling novel and unique on-chain experiences. Our platform is not merely a user experience; it grows into a generative, creative universe, fueled by AI and your imagination.. 🌠🎭

4. Driving Utility Back to Degenhive: The Power of HiveGems 💎

In the Degenhive ecosystem, Skins are not just aesthetic add-ons; they drive value back to our platform. HiveGems, the tokens of the HiveVerse, can be ported via Skins. If a Skin makes use of HiveGems within its game or experience, users will route HiveGems from their Hive Cards into Skins. This system enriches the HiveVerse and amplifies the value of HiveGems, fuelling a robust, interactive ecosystem.
In the world of Degenhive, you're not just a player; you're a creator, an explorer, a stakeholder. So, tap into your creative energy and shape the HiveVerse with your unique designs! 🚀