On-chain user profile in DegenHive ecosystem 💎🪄
The gateway to our HiveVerse, the HiveProfile is your passport to the wonders of DegenHive, opening up a realm of governance, liquidity, and sparkling SUI distributions. Think of it as your personal, soul-bound NFT, a unique on-chain ID, etching your journey in the blockchain cosmos. 🌌

🎯 Key Features 🎯

🏦 Fee Distribution 🏦

Every journey needs a treasure trove! And here, that comes from earning a part of the fees gathered by our 2 AMM and 3 AMM modules in the SUI network. How does it work? Your treasure share relies on the exciting blend of your reputation score and the total boosted available gems linked to the HiveCards nestled safely in your HiveProfile.

🚜 Reputation Farming (DexDAO) 🚜

The HiveVerse believes in growth! Your reputation score is your personal growth chart. More liquidity you provide to the 2 AMM/3 AMM pools and the more LP tokens you stake in the corresponding PoolHive, the more you enhance your reputation score. And a better score means more HiveGems in your pocket. These earned gems can then be deposited in Hive Cards for additional boosts and unlocking more governance power in Hive DAO.

🃏 HiveCards 🃏

Your HiveProfile is also your deck of HiveCards. Each profile can hold up to 15 unique HiveCards - tradable NFTs that double as charming characters and digital collectibles in the HiveVerse narrative. These HiveCards aren't just collectibles - stake them, and they earn you voting power over the protocol and give your gem balance a boost (up to 3x for 1 year), helping you to earn more SUI. The best part? The more you stake, the more you earn, as the voting power of a card is cumulative.

🗳️ Voting Power 🗳️

Your HiveProfile is more than a static ID - it's a dynamic tool of influence. The collective strength of all staked HiveCards gives you voting power, enabling you to take part in the governance and decision-making processes of the DegenHive protocol. With your HiveProfile, you don't just explore the HiveVerse - you shape its future. 🌐
So, whether you're providing liquidity, farming reputation, trading HiveCards, or wielding your voting power, your HiveProfile is your key to the HiveVerse. Dive into the immersive world of DegenHive and discover the endless possibilities your HiveProfile has to offer. 💫